Imperial Homes' Lifetime Solar-Powered Community Unveils Homes That Will Last 100 Years.

The Philippines’ most innovative and sustainable housing developer, Imperial Homes Corp., launches the country’s first lifetime home and its second generation of solar-powered low-cost housing, the Imperial Lifetime Homes. It’s not just solar-powered. It’s built to last a lifetime. Boasting of 100 years material lifespan and solar power solutions, Imperial Lifetime Homes is not only a first in the country but also in the world.  Imperial Homes Corp. is breaking the world record by producing high-performance concrete house panels that can last a lifetime for low-cost homes in the Philippines. This budget-friendly and sustainable housing line is making its debut at Via Verde Subdivision in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

This Imperial Lifetime Homes housing line is made possible by Imperial Homes Corp.’s partnership with Connovate Philippines Inc. who have the exclusive production licensing agreement from Connovate Denmark. The Imperial Lifetime Home is the first low-cost housing line in the Philippines to use Connovate, a high-performance concrete building technology developed in Demark and intended for the high-end market. Connovate, a construction breakthrough from Denmark, is a high-performance concrete building technology that offers less carbon footprint, 100 years material lifespan, fast construction, and insulation abilities, among other innovative features.

“The Imperial Lifetime Home is a better investment because of 100 years material lifespan on the panel system, which highlights bigger savings. Because it is built to last for several generations, we also call it a ‘pamana’ home. The second-generation solar-powered home helps in mitigating climate change since the production of the concrete panels uses less cement, reducing CO2 emissions. Imperial Homes Corp. is the first developer to do this in the country. Big savings on electricity. Big savings on refurbishments. Big savings from a healthy home. Imperial Lifetime Homes provide better home investment opportunities for low-income Filipinos with world-class green homes that can last a lifetime.  This marks the beginning of a new era in low-cost housing in the Philippines.” says Emma Imperial, CEO of Imperial Homes Corp.


Every Imperial Lifetime Home helps reduce CO2 emissions by up to 4.4 tons per 100 years. Since it’s combined with solar solutions that help avoid up to 120 tons of CO2 emissions per 100 years, the home can reduce up to 124.4 tons of CO2 emissions per 100 years.

The Imperial Lifetime Home can help lower electricity bills through the solar panels installed on the roof. In fact, Imperial Homes Corp. is a recipient of EDGE or Excellence in Design and for Greater Efficiencies after passing the global standard for green building.


Homeowners can enjoy big savings on refurbishments with the panels’ high-quality surfaces, robustness, and durability that can last for generations. The panels are also made of non-porous materials that can help reduce health risks caused by molds formation, which is a major concern in an ordinary home. This makes Imperial Lifetime Home a healthy home like no other.